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Youth Development

Corporate Social Investment

We help transform peoples’ futures and open up new opportunities in the customer care and satisfaction industry. We believe by giving back to our community we’re able to create meaningful and sustainable changes to lives. We support people following their dreams and pushing the physical boundaries that say they can’t achieve greatness.
We aim to create meaningful and sustainable futures for our communities especially the young people of Cape Town and the Cape Flats. We look to achieve this through our creating positions meant to develop those even inexperienced in a particular field of business. This is to empower, enrich and leave a lasting impact in the lives of the those involved and who benefit from these positions.

The values lie in equipping them with real life skills to help them grow and develop, accept and fact the challenges of real life after our interaction with a different lens.

​We want to be an enabler to the youth of South Africa, for them to contribute positively to their communities through education and employment channels.

​We want to develop a talent pool for the company from the social engagements that we have with the communities.