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Our Values define what we believe in and what we collectively stand for as an organization. They provide us with a shared understanding of what’s important and guide our decisions, actions and how we conduct our business. Ethics and integrity are foundational to our company. Our principles have guided our interactions with our customers, shareholders and each other.

While BLACK ELEGANCE SA works to transform the level of unemployment in our undeserved communities, our commitment to running a business rooted in ethics and integrity will never change.

Code of Business Conduct

Our BLACK ELEGANCE SA Code of Business Conduct put our values into action and detail our commitments to ethics, diversity, privacy, the environment and our communities.

The Codes define the standard of ethical behavior that employees are expected to follow. Encouraging honest and ethical conduct, the values cover a wide range of topics related to ethics and compliance, including diversity and nondiscrimination, conflicts of interest, customer and employee data privacy, and our commitment to the environment. They are a key resource and practical tool, providing guidance to each employee about the attitudes to adopt in relationships within and outside the company.

All employees are expected to act lawfully and ethically in accordance with the code of conduct and company policies. Violation of these policies may result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to, termination of employment, suspension, written warning or adverse pay treatment.

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Each employee – from our contract employees to our CEO – is responsible for reviewing the Code applicable to their business. New staff receive training on the Code shortly after they begin at the company, and ethics and compliance training is conducted for existing employees.

Employees can raise questions and concerns or make a report to their direct supervisor, another manager, Human Resources or the senior leadership. If an employee is uncomfortable reporting to their supervisor or one of the other resources listed, they can make a confidential and anonymous report of suspected or actual violations of the Codes or other company policies through a telephone hotline or online reporting mechanisms. Employees can also, at any time, ask questions related to company policies through one on one communications with their direct line managers or email. Information on these resources can be found on our intranet sites and in employee training for the Codes.

We have strict non-discrimination as well as non-retaliation policies to provide protection for employees who have grounds to report unethical behavior or violation of a company policy or law. Allegations of retaliation are investigated, and appropriate action is taken.